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We are made to do hard things.

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

I believe you have to do hard things. Often.

I don't know of anything that makes me feel more alive than pressing through those moments that feel like a struggle. Jumping into ice-cold fresh Canadian lake water as a kid... man that made me PRESENT. I wasn't thinking of anything else. I was just trying to catch my breath from the sudden chill blasting through my body.

Then I had babies. 2 babies without the use of pain-relieving medication. I've never felt more alive. I loved it. Everything about giving birth was beautiful in my experience. I felt so strong and capable. My body was designed to accept and move through that challenge.

After Lena (#2) was born I felt a sadness knowing that I would not experience that euphoria of childbirth again. My mind immediately went to how could I re-create that challenge and subsequent high? What would take me to the edge and show me what I'm made of? Would there be something that I could do often to prove my grit?

Enter Powerlifting.

I have always loved the gym and fitness. I taught hot power vinyasa yoga for years. I like extreme conditions. After I had my girls, however, my body responded differently to the heat. I needed a different outlet but similar challenge. I thought about the women I look up to most. A lot of these women are into weight lifting... and not just "lifting weights" but HEAVY weight lifting. I heard about a 100ish lb female squatting 300+lbs. That, to me, is badass. It also means that she could probably pick up 2 kids, a few bags of groceries, and the stroller .... walk it to the car... and not be out of breath. I want that.

So I hired a coach. I joined a powerlifting gym (shout out West Indy Barbell!!)

I'm starting my journey to the platform. My plan is to compete. I want to show my girls that you can love "girly things" AND you can lift heavy sh*t AND you can continue to evolve as you go.

I'd love to take you along on this journey too. Evolving into a bigger, better, badasser (haha) version of me.

Here we go.

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