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Tips to Managing Holiday Eating

1) Do NOT starve yourself all day anticipating the meal... you will inevitably over-eat when the meal does happen!

2) Decide how you want to FEEL after the meal before the meal. Are your intentions to make this meal really all about the food and indulge in your favorites? OR maybe Thanksgiving (insert holiday/event) food really isn't your favorite and you'd rather "save" your indulgence for another meal? Whatever you decide is OKAY! The key is to go into the meal with a clear intention.

3) Focus on staying very hydrated! Make sure you are prioritizing water throughout the day.

4) Focus on high protein, low carb meals leading up to your event/meal if you plan on indulging more than usual.

5) Go for a walk after the meal to aid in digestion!

6) Focus on eating until you are about 80% full - ending the meal "super stuffed" can be extremely uncomfortable. You can always enjoy leftovers later!

7) Use the plate method - 1/2 plate veggies, 1/4 plate lean protein, 1/4 plate complex carbs

8) When drinking, alternate between alcohol and water. For each glass of alcohol, have at least 1 glass of water.

9) If you end up eating more than you intended to - absolutely NO punishing yourself. Remind yourself how much you enjoyed your time and how capable you are of getting back into a normal routine. Move. On.

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