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Nutrition Counseling Services

Investing in your health is hands-down the best place you can spend your money. I'm a girl who loves shoes, clothes, and vacations too - but can you TRULY enjoy those things in a body that doesn't feel great? I personally do not think so. I am also not going to spend your money for you... what I can tell you is that this is an investment you will not regret. 

12 Week Intensive Coaching 

This is simply the best option for someone who is looking to truly overhaul their relationship with food/mind/body. Most clients who live in the headspace of "I know what I need to do but cannot seem to do it" thrive with this package. Expect 1:1 guidance, ongoing accountability, and real-time support. Have access to me through unlimited messaging between visits. Guaranteed response time within 24hrs. This package includes an initial visit of 60min and weekly check-ins via phone/video. 

$1500 - 3 monthly payments of $500  

OR $1350 paid in full


Sport-Specific Fueling Education

Research shows us that athletes who train with their nutrition in mind perform better. Period. If you are an athlete hoping to gain that competitive edge this option is for you. We will put a plan together specific to your sport. Topics covered include meal timing, fueling during activity (endurance sports), hydration, and nutrition for recovery. This is a 1 time session  for 60min with 1, 30min phone/video follow up to check on biofeedback. 

$175 initial session with 1, 30min follow up 

$100/mo for established clients


Medical Nutrition Therapy (condition-specific education)

Registered Dietitians are the only practitioners that are qualified (and licensed!) to offer medical nutrition therapy/education to patients. We help patients navigate diagnosis such as diabetes, heart disease, celiac disease, chronic kidney disease, food allergies, etc. With years of outpatient clinical nutrition experience, I have seen a wide variety of conditions that I am confident in providing nutrition education on. If you have a unique condition I do not feel qualified to support, I will make an appropriate referral. 

Some clients will require more ongoing support and should consider the 12 week option. This option is for those who are looking for a single-session to better understand their condition and nutrition recommendations. 

1 60min session and 1, 30-45min follow up session via phone/video. Optional meal plan included.

$175 initial session with 1, 30min follow up

$100/mo for established clients


Monthly Basic Coaching 

Ongoing accountability is one of the best tools to help you stick to your nutrition goals. I am a dietitian and regularly meet with a RD myself! Even when we "know" what we should be eating, actually implementing these goals consistently with life's ever-changing circumstances can be challenging. If you want to have 1-2 regular video/phone check-in per month and ongoing virtual e-mail/text support, this is the best option for you. 

$175 initial consultation (review full health history and set initial goals)

$100/month - paid at time of service, not a monthly contract (1x/mo)

$150/month - every other week check in, paid at first visit of month (2x/mo)

Get in Touch

Do you still have questions about what option is best for you? Please reach out and we can talk before you decide!

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