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205LB - But not good enough...

I know I should be proud of my 205lb deadlift. Any of my clients who went from not knowing how to do something 12 weeks ago to completing that "something" a few weeks later... I would celebrate them!

But my workout called for 3 reps of my max. And I only completed 1 rep.

Can you relate at all? The feeling of just "not good enough"? These last few weeks I feel like I'm hearing similar sentiments from my clients on their own nutrition/fitness journeys about different situations.

For example, I had a client last week who has made incredible progress making good decisions while on vacation with family. She was able to say "no" to foods she wasn't really excited about, honor her hunger amidst the chaos, and prioritize exercise even while out of her normal routine. And yet, she started our session describing how stuck she felt in how slow the process feels. She's feeling frustrated that it seems like all of her hard work isn't "showing up" in candid photos. Physically and mentally she feels WAY better, but she is choosing an indicator of progress that isn't providing her with the feedback she needs to feel good.

I guess I'm doing the same thing. If I focused on the fact that my deadlift form for a single heavy max is IDEAL, I would feel way happier about the progress I've made. But, I've been choosing to focus on what is missing. Those last two reps.

My client is focusing on (probably strange-angle/ poor lighting) photos that isn't "showing her progress". But, if she focused on all of the behavioral changes she has made effortlessly or the fact that she FEELS better in her body... she would be much happier.

Maybe the way to break the endless and vicious cycle of "not good enough" is to shift our focus. To highlight what IS working. To celebrate even the seemingly small wins. Even when progress is gradual, it is still progress. Time is going to continue to pass. Don't let the disappointment of slow or small take you off track. Find what is working and do your best to celebrate it. THIS will keep you motivated to keep moving forward.

I commit to celebrating ALL of my lifts. Light, heavy, 1 or 12. They all count.

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